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    School Networks


School Improvement Networks HAOS manages a number of professional networks. Staff working in schools can join to connect and share their information and experiences. Groups meet regularly throughout the year with professionals from all over Handsworth and provide invaluable peer-to-peer support to help with a wide range of educational issues.

Our Current Networks

  • Head Teachers Consortium
    has 36 members regularly attending.
  • SENCo Network
    his network was set up in 2012 and currently has over 30 members who meet half-termly in order for SENCO staff from local schools to support each other around all SEND related matters, including support resources and materials, the SEND Locality Bid, Locality updates and Monitoring Proformas’ how you monitor the provision of SEND in School
  • Pastoral Network
    Pastoral care is becoming more and more crucial in primary schools because of the range of pressures and dangers that children can face. This is an opportunity for local Pastoral Staff to meet termly in a supportive environment to network and meet fellow colleagues. Through this network we have provided NEGLECT training, CSE Awareness workshops and Early Help Payment By Results (PBR) Surgeries.
  • EYFS Network
    The EYFS Network has 20 members meeting up quarterly to share experiences and share innovations. As the newest HAOS network they recognise that the early years is a unique stage in its own right and so they are working together to look at the challenges, identify training and planning what next. Covering topics such as Data Sharing, The New Ofsted Framework and what that means for EYFS and cross school visits to share good practice.
Children working in school Children working in school


HAOS offers termly moderation support sessions for key stage 1 and 2 teachers as part of our comprehensive package of joint moderation sessions. This is an opportunity for teachers to come together and familiarise themselves with standardisation documents and pick apart the relevant teacher assessment frameworks, so they gain a greater understanding of what IS expected of their student writers. Teachers support each other in moderating their pupils' writing and share good practice. The sessions help to Improve teacher confidence in making evidenced judgements that allowed them to say, "They've met the standard!"


"It was useful to have conversations from actual moderators." Teacher Grove School.

"It was good to share moderation ideas and look at each others books to compare books." Teacher -Welford Primary School

"The session gave me the chance to have professional discussions with other teachers that have previously been moderated." Teacher - William Murdoch Primary


Inaugural Teach Meet session with over 30 teachers in attendance happened last year.

Teach Meet was an opportunity for teachers to come together to hear stories from other teachers about how they deliver learning. It was not about presenting a product or a theory it was a chance to meet with local colleagues and share ideas they have trialled or having that learning conversation about what they are doing that is having a positive impact in the classroom/school.

Teach Meet Presentations included:
St Matthew's C of E – Tom Etheridge, Model for the teaching of History and the impact it has on achieving higher than national standards in reading and writing.

Cherry Orchard Primary – Alison Taylor, Achieving Silver Rights Respecting Award and the impact it's had on the wider curriculum and SMSC.

Hamilton Primary - Jodie Fotheringham “key things you need to know about autism to be successful with autistic students”

Wilkes Green Juniors (now William Murdoch Primary) - Vijay Desai. Designing SATS Questions. The process that the DfE follows when it writes and samples KS2 SATS questions.

Welford Primary – Andrew Wills, Using the VIPERS (Literacy Shed) to promote reading of substance which has led to improved teacher confidence when planning and delivering reading sessions, focused sessions so children gain a greater depth of textual understanding, a broader range of reading activities being offered and improved children's ability to effectively discuss and write about what they read.

Children studying Moderation support

Teachers network Teachers networking

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