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    Our Staff


biography image Gary Bowman
Gary Bowman

Gary Bowman


Gary Bowman is our manager. He has returned to the voluntary sector, his natural home, after 25 years experience of serving communities through leading on community development, community safety and neighbourhood regeneration and renewal for public sector led organisations in Sandwell, Birmingham and Burton.

Gary has a strong commitment to ensuring the voice of local people is heard and to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities. He appreciates the vital role that schools play in local community life and sees Handsworth Association of Schools' huge potential to be a leading agency in schools' improvement, developing future citizens and tackling poverty and poor health.

biography image Debz Bonnique
Debz Bonnique

Debz Bonnique

Project Engagement Manager

Debz Bonnique is our Project & Engagement Manager. She is an experienced Education practitioner and Community Development Manager with over 30 years of experience within the Education and voluntary sector, predominantly with children and families across Birmingham.

Debz has also run her own business, providing a range of family learning and youth programmes for children, families and young people.

As an adult/college tutor it has always been very important for her to build positive links between home and school and the community, by creating opportunities for families and schools to work together. She was responsible for the co-ordination and development of a large outreach parent partnership team, which involved supporting and developing parents as co-educators. Her role as chair of Governors for two local schools, has given her an insight into the strategic and operational management of schools, which is very useful in her role at HAOS.

Debz is a positive person who believes anything is possible and always encourage and motivate others to believe the same.

biography image Debbie Thomas
Debbie Thomas

Debbie Thomas


Debbie Thomas is our Office Administrator. She has many years of experience working for the NHS in hospitals and for the Clinical Commissioning Group in varied roles as Executive Assistant, HR Adviser, Project Officer & Healthcare Assistant.

Debbie was a School Governor for over 12 years with a committed role as Chair of the staffing committee. She began working with HAOS as volunteer providing administration and project support.

Debbie has been a volunteer member of her local community group for residents in collaboration with the local Police, Councillors and MP in highlighting and responding to crime prevention and supporting safety procedures.

Debbie is passionate in supporting projects where the heart of the matter is for children, families and citizens.


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