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Foodbank Feedback
Foodbank Feedback

Foodbank Feedback

The difference that our community is making

“The food parcels have provided many of our families with support at this very difficult time. Many of our families have commented on the generosity of the contributions and the variety of the packs. The joint effort between schools and Handsworth Association is an excellent example of collaborative work and dedication.” Deputy Head Teacher, Watville Primary School[link]. 

“Can I just say a massive thank you to you and your team for providing the support to our most vulnerable families within the Handsworth area. You have been a ‘God send’ to our families and they have been so grateful for all that you have done and for the food parcels provided. You are an absolute star.” Carolyn O'Sullivan, Assistant Head Teacher at Hamstead Hall Academy[link]

Thank you so much to those of you in our community who have been donating food to our new food hub, set up shortly after the first national lockdown started.  We’re helping lots of families who have been referred to us by our local school partners - families who have really been struggling, because of loss of work, because they haven’t received their free school meal vouchers or perhaps because other charities and support organisations have had to temporarily close. 

The care packages have been an invaluable resource during this challenging time. Without these packages many of our families would struggle to feed their children. The content of the packages is nourishing, and you can feel the care involved in producing them. Thank you for this extremely essential service!” Sarah Eaton, Pastoral Manager at Hamilton School [link to school].  

Here is a picture of the lovely parcels that our volunteers put together:

[picture of parcel]

People living in food insecurity are often firefighting on a daily basis to keep their homes, pay their bills, put food on the table and protect their children. We’ve been learning about how these families have often already mobilised all their available coping strategies. Their resilience can be low and Covid-19 has placed an additional, huge burden on them. It has been important to be able to provide things like children’s books as well, and even Easter Eggs during the Easter Holidays.

Our main aim is to support the health and wellbeing of the families that access the service and so with the support of donations and items we purchase, we provide fresh fruit and vegetables as well as range of canned food items, savoury and sweet produce, rice and pasta. These ingredients allow families the opportunity to create a range of healthy well-balanced meals. 

“On behalf of Greystone Academy and our families can I say a huge thanks. I know the hampers were of a really high quality that families really appreciated. It’s amazing to see how much you are supporting local families, once again thank-you.” James Bird, Head of School, Greystone Academy. [link]

The purpose of this project is to support our most vulnerable families and based on the regular weekly referrals from our schools and the feedback from the families it is making a real difference:

“Just a quick note to say that I have been in receipt of food parcels... My son and I have appreciated the effort and variety in the parcels and they have come as a great relief in this time of struggle.” Local parent. 

We are proud that as an Association of schools we and our members and community partners have been working together to make a difference through these exceptional times.  We know that great challenges are still ahead, but we are excited about the potential for more, and deeper, collaboration.

Our Funding Partners

Handsworth Association of Schools thanks our generous funding partners

hm gov community fund
lottery funded
Police Crime Commission
Reduce Violence
Ernest Cook
NHS University Hospital Birmingham
near neighbours
Hear tof England Building Society
Birmingham City Council
Sandwell and Birmingham Hospital Trusts